Introduction to radiology and online interactive tutorial

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Chest Radiology
ICU Chest Films
High Resolution Chest CT
CT Pulmonary Angiography
Cardiac MRI
Cardiac Radiography
Radionuclide Localization
Plain Chest Radiograph
Cross-sectional Thorax
Gastrointestinal Radiology
Genitourinary Radiology
Emergency Body CT
Emergency Ultrasound
Testicular Ultrasound
Plain Abdominal Radiograph
Cross-sectional Abdomen
Cross-sectional Female Pelvis
Cross-sectional Male Pelvis
Imaging of the Cervical Spine
Skeletal Trauma


PETCT: the Basics
Pediatric Radiology


Medical Informed Consent
Patient Confidentiality
Radiology Request & Report
Critical Thinking & Technology Assesment
Specialty Aptitude Test


Head CT
Thyroid Ultrasound



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    Upgrading Your Portable X-ray Fleet?

    March 24, 2014 by Carestream Health Leave a comment

    Juanita Reader, RT(R), Manager of Diagnostic Radiology In-Patient and Informatics, OSF Saint Francis Medical Center
    Juanita Reader, RT(R), Manager of Diagnostic Radiology In-Patient and Informatics,
    OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

    The radiology department of our 616-bed hospital conducts 125,000 imaging procedures a year. We have an extensive investment in portable and room-based imaging systems—so finding an affordable way to upgrade to DR was a challenge. We are still in the process of conversion, but we have found that combining new portable systems with retrofitted portable units has enabled us to deliver higher image quality and faster image access while lowering dose.

    Initially we were skeptical: Would the image quality of the retrofitted units be acceptable? To find out, we conducted a week of on-site patient imaging with the DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray System and an existing mobile imaging system updated with a CARESTREAM DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kit that includes wireless communication capabilities and a high-resolution detector. When our radiologists reviewed images from both trials, they reported excellent image quality and consistency across both types of systems.

    We purchased one DRX-Revolution for general use in the ED and bedside portable exams throughout the hospital and two retrofit kits – one is dedicated to the OR which has 22 suites and the other retrofitted system performs bedside exams. Use of the Carestream DRX-1C detectors on all three systems has reduced patient dose by 20-30 percent for many exams, and up to 50 percent for some exams.

    Our OR surgeons are extremely pleased with the performance of their retrofitted portable system. It not only delivers access to high-quality images immediately, but it also offers advanced features offered by Carestream’s specialized imaging software – including enhanced visualization of tube and line placements. The high-resolution images produced by these systems are also important for hardware placements and deliver the detailed imaging required during orthopaedic and spinal surgeries.

    Another important feature is that DRX detectors can be moved from one imaging system to another. So if one of our portable systems goes down, we can move the detector to another unit and continue imaging patients.

    If your radiology department is evaluating upgrading its portable systems, combining new wireless DR portables with wireless DR retrofits for existing systems is an excellent solution that helps enhance patient care while meeting budget requirements.

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