Radiographic Positioning Video

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Abdomen – Lateral Decub Abdomen .

Abdomen , AP Upright .

Abdomen AP Supine .

Abdomen Series (PA chest, Upright Abdomen, Supine Abdomen(KUB) .

Abdomen Upright and Left Lateral Decubitus .

Abdomen, AP Abdomen (KUB) .

Abdomen, Dorsal Decubitus Abdomen on the stretcher .

Abdomen, L Lateral Decubitus and Flat Abdomen .

AC Joints with and without weights .

AC, Acromioclavicular Joints .

AC, Decubitus positioning for AC BE .

Ankle AP .

Ankle AP .

Ankle AP .

Ankle AP, AP obl, med and lat rotation .

Ankle Lateral .

Ankle Lateral .

Ankle Oblique .

Ankle Stress Study .

Ankle, AP, Medial Oblique, Mediolateral Lateral .

Barium Enema (AP Axial) .

Barium Enema (Lat_Decub) .


BE .

BE, Double contrast barium enema (air contrast or ACBE)- AP;AP obliques – RPO,LPO; AP axial; right and left lateral decubitus .

BE,Single Contrast BE AP, AP obliques – RPO and LPO; AP axial; lateral rectum .

Calcaneous Axial Plantodorsal .

Calcaneous Lateral Mediolateral .

Calcaneus AP axial , Lat .

Calcaneus Plantodorsal and Lateral .

Cervical Spine (Lateral) .

Cervical Spine (Obliques) .

Cervical Spine (Odontoid) .

Cervical: AP Axial, Lateral, Odotiod, Swimmers, Pillars, Fuchs, Cross-table .

Chest Lateral (Decubitus) .

Chest Lateral .

Chest Lordotic and Obliques .

Chest PA .

Chest PA and Lateral .

Chest Pediatric-PA chest, Left Lateral, Upright Abdomen, KUB with pigg-o-stat .

Chest, Decubitus: Chest, Abdomen, Lateral Abdomen .

Chest, PA and Lat Upright and Sitting Positioning Assign .

Chest, Right and Left lateral decubitus chest .

Chest, Standing AP Lordotic and Obliques .

Clavicle AP, AP axial .

Coccyx (AP) .

Cranium, PA, Caldwell, Lateral, Towne .

Digit, secound PA,oblique, and lateral .

Elbow (Coyle Method) .

Elbow (Medial and Lateral Rotation) .

Elbow (Partial Flexion) .

Elbow all .

Elbow AP .

Elbow external Oblique .

Elbow Internal Oblique .

Elbow Lateral .

Elbow, AP and lateral elbow .


Facial Bones and Sinus- Waters, Lateral, SMV, Caldwell .

Facial Bones Trauma Pt .

Femur AP, Lat. (Distal) .

Hip AP, Lat .

Femur AP and Lateral .

Femur, AP Distal .

Femur, Lateral Distal .

Finger, Thumb, Hand, Wrist .

Foot .

Foot AP .

Foot AP, AP axial, Med Obl, Lat .

Foot AP, Medial Oblique, Lateral .

Foot Lateral .

Foot Medial-Oblique .

Foot Weight Bearing Composite Pt2 .

Foot Weight-Bearing Composite Pt1 .

Forearm AP .

Forearm AP, Lat .

Forearm AP/Lat .

Forearm Lateral .

Forearm routine, AP and Lateral .

Forearm, AP .

Gallbladder (Decub) .

Gallbladder (LAO) .

Gallbladder (PA) .

Gastrointestinal – UGI .

Hand PA .

Hand PA Oblique .

Hand, Fan Lateral .

Hand, PA, obli, and lateral .

Hand, PA, PA obl, lat .

Hip and Pelvis, AP Hip and Pelvis – Frogleg Modified Cleaves and Lauenstein Methods .

Hip AP .

Hip, Cross-Fire Lateral Hip .

Hip, Danelius Miller Method – Crosstable lateral of hip – true lateral .

Hip, Frog Leg .

Humerus (Tangential Intertubercular Groove) .

Humerus AP .

Humerus Lateral .

Humerus, AP .

Humerus, AP and Lateral .

Humerus, AP, Lat .

Kidneys (AP) .

Knee AP .

Knee AP .

Knee AP Oblique Knee .

Knee Beclere Method .

Knee Camp-Coventry Method .

Knee Holmblad Method .

Knee Lateral .

Knee, AP, Medial Oblique, Lateral Oblique, and Lateral .

Knee, Lateral .

Knee, Tunnel and Sunrise knee , Holmblad, Camp Coventry, and Beclere Methods for the Intercondylar fossa and the Settegast Method for the patella .

Knees, Weight Bearing Knees .

Leg, Lower Leg Ap, lat .

Leg, Lower Leg Obliques .

Mandible PA, Axiolateral .

Mastoids lat, Stenvers, Arcelin, Modified Laws .

Mortise Ankle, Medial Oblique .

Nasal Bones lateral .

Orbit , PA left right, AP .

Patella Hughston Method .

Patella Settegast (Sunrise) .

Patella,Tangential projection of the patella – Sunrise Settegast .

Pelvis .

Pelvis AP .

Pelvis, Hip, SI Joints, Sacrum & Coccyx .

Rectum (Lat) .

Rib Series-PA Chest, PA Rib Unilateral, LAO Oblique .

Ribs (AP) .

Ribs (Obliques) .

Ribs (PA) .

Ribs, AP ribs and AP oblique ribs .

Ribs, PA ribs and PA oblique ribs .

Sacroiliac (SI) Joints, AP axial and both obliques.

Sacrum (AP) .

Sacrum and Coccyx, Lateral and AP axial sacrum and coccyx .

Sacrum, Coccyx (Lateral) .


Scapula AP .

Scapula AP .

Scapula Lateral .

Scapula Lateral .

Scapula Recumbent AP oblique .

Scapula Upright, PA oblique .

Scapular Y .

Scapular, AP shoulder with internal and external rotations and neutral; APclavicle and AP axial clavicle lordotic position .

Scapular, PA Oblique (Scapular Y) .

Shoulder (Grashey Method) .

Shoulder (Lawrence Inferosuperior Axial) .

Shoulder (Y-View) .

Shoulder .

Shoulder Grashey .

Shoulder Transthoracic .

Shoulder, Clavicle, Scapula .

Shoulder, inferosuperior axial – Lawrence .

Shoulder, Lawrence InferoSuperior Shoulder and Tangential-Axillary shoulder and tangential of intertubercular groove .

Shoulder, SuperoInferior projection of the (Axillary Shoulder projection) .

Shoulder, Transthoracic, Neer and Grashey Methods .

Shoulder/Humerus (Transthoracic Lateral) .

Sinus Lateral .

Sinus Waters .

Sinuses Caldwell .

Skull (AP Axial – Towne) .

Skull (Lat) .

Skull AP .

Skull AP Axial .

Skull Caldwell .

Skull Lateral .

Skull PA .

Skull parietoacanthial (Waters) .

Skull submentovertex (SMV) .

Skull Towne’s .

Skull X-Table Lateral .

Spine , Lumbar Spine (Lateral) .

Spine Cervical Lateral .

Spine Lumbar AP .

Spine Lumbar Lateral .

Spine Lumbar Oblique .

Spine Lumbar Spot .

Spine sacrum Coccyx AP .

Spine sacrum Coccyx Lateral .

Spine Thoracic Lateral .

Spine Thoracic Spine (Lateral) .

Spine Thoracic Swimmer’s .

Spine Upright Cervical Spine .

Spine, AP, Lateral, L5-S1 Lateral Spot, L5-S1 AP Spot, AP & Lateral Thoracic .

Spine, Crosstable (dorsal decubitus) of the c,t,and l-spine .

Spine, C-spine – recumbent – AP axial, open mouth, AP axial obliques .

Spine, Hyperflexion and Hyperextension of lumbar spine (Recumbent Flexion and Extension) .

Spine, Lumbar series film critique – AP, obliques, Lateral, and L5-S1 spot .

Spine, Lumbar Spine (Obliques) .

Spine, Lumbar spine AP .

Spine, Lumbar Spine AP .

Spine, Lumber Spine L5_S1 Spot .

Spine, RPO, LAO Oblique Cervical, Flexion & Extension Cervical .

Spine, Thoracic Spine (AP) .

Spine, Thoracic Spine (Swimmers) .

Spine, Thoracic Spine AP and Lateral and Swimmer’s lateral .

Spine, Upright Scoliosis – Ferguson Method .

Sternum (RAO) .

Sternum RAO oblique and LPO oblique .

Sternum, Lateral Sternum Dorsal Decubitus .

Sternum, Upright lateral sternum with 72″ SID .

Stomach (LPO) .

Stomach (PA) .

Stomach (RAO) .

Stomach (Right Lateral) .

Thumb AP, obli,lateral .

Thumb AP, PA obl, Lat .

Tib Fib AP .

Tib Fib Lateral .

Tib-Fib AP .

Tib-Fib AP .

Tib-Fib, Lateral .

Tibia Fibula AP and Lateral .

TMJ AP axial;Axiolateral oblique .

Toes AP, AP axial, Medial Oblique, Lateral .

Toes, Foot, Ankle, Calcaneus .

Wrist (Stecher Method) .

Wrist (Ulnar and Radial Deviation) .

Wrist Lateral .

Wrist PA Oblique .

Wrist Tangential (Gaynor-Hart) .

Wrist, PA, oblique, and lateral .

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