Skeletal Anatomy Practice Quizzes

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Axial Skeletal Quizzes

  1. Reference page for Days 1-5Gateway Community College
  2. Another Reference SiteLUMEN
  3. Lab Skull ReferenceValencia College
  4. Day 2: Anterior Skull View
  5. Day 3: Lateral Skull View
  6. Day 4: Inferior Skull View
  7. Day 5: Horizontal and Sagittal Skull Section
  8. Movies of  Separate Skull BonesCalifornia State University, Chico
  9. Reference page for Days 6 &7Gateway Community College
  10. Day 6: Vertebral Column Bones
  11. Day 7: Thoracic Cage Bones
  12. Interactive ActivityMarieb

Appendicular Skeletal Quizzes

  1. Reference page for Appendicular Skeleton
  2. Appendicular Skeleton Interactives
  3. Day 8: Pectoral Girdle Bones
  4. Day 9: Humerus Bone
  5. Day 10: Lower Arm Bones
  6. Day 11: Wrist and Hand Bones
  7. Day 12: Pelvic Bones
  8. Day 13: Femur Bone
  9. Day 14: Lower Leg Bones
  10. Day 15: Ankle and Foot Bones

Skeletal PowerPoints

Skull– .8 MB

Thorax and Vertebral Column  – .6 MB

Pectoral Girdle and Upper Limb– .6 MB

Pelvic Girdle and Lower Limb – .6 MB


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