Electrostatics- Quizzes

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  • Charge? The electrical quality (attraction or repulsion- push away) between electrons(-) & protons(+).
  • Conservation of charge? Electrons cannot be created or destroyed- just transferred from 1 material to another
  • Coulomb= one Coulomb = the charge of 6.24 X 10 18 electrons. Or = 6.24 000,000,000,000,000,000
  • Coulomb’s Law? Describes the interaction between electrically charged particles. Electrical Forces between 2 charges depends on: 1 SIZE of each charge (more charge = more force); 2. DISTANCE between charges ( more distance = less force). COULOMB’S LAW: Electrical Forces are DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL (a ratio like 1:2 or 5:10) to each charge & INVERSLEY PROPORTIONAL (opposite of a ratio) to the SQUARE of the distance (d2).
  • Coulomb’s Law? Electrostatic force is directly proportional to the product of the charges and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them
  • Electric conductor? A material in which charges can move freely
  • Electrical forces? Come from the particles in atoms
  • Electrical insulator? A material in which charges cannot move freely
  • Electrically polarized? When one side of the atom or molecule is induced to be slightly more positive or negative than the opposite side.
  • Electrostatics? Electrical charges, forces between them, and how they behave in different materials.
  • Grounded? When a conductor is connect to Earth by means of a conducting wire or copper pipe
  • Induction? The process of charging a conductor by bringing it near another charged object and grounding the conductor
  • Polarization? The result of a more positive charge on one side of a molecule that on the other in the presence of a charged object
  • Semiconductors? Third class of materials characterized by electrical properties that are somewhere between those of insulators and conductors
  • Superconductors? Conductors that have zero electrical resistance when they are at or below a certain temperature
  • What is a conductor? Are substances in which electrons can move from atom to atom freely.
  • What is a insulator? If a insulator becomes charged it stays charged until it is removed by grounding or the moisture in the air
  • What is another name for electric potential? Electromotive force (EMF) or voltage
  • What is charging by contact? One charged object makes contacts with a neutral object electrons are transferred resulting in the charged objects each in the same charge
  • What is charging by friction? Two neutral objects are rubbed together rapidly. Electrons are transferred so that the object gains electrons and one loss electrons
  • What is charging by induction? The charged object is brought near a neutral object. The neutral object is grounded. When the ground and charged object are removed the neutral object resulting in a opposite charge to the charging object.
  • What is the formula for Coulomb’s Law? Force= k (Q1 QB2/d2
  • What Voltage do x-ray units operate? 220 V or higher
  • When an object becomes electrified, the electric charges are distributed throughout the object, this is called? Electric charge distribution
  • When electric charges are concentrated along the sharpest curvature of the surface, this is called? Electric charge concentration




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