Analysis of Group Dynamics

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Topics to be Discussed Student Responses Mark
1.Provide three-(3) examples of   positive aspects of teamwork when completing this project.

(3 marks)*

– having   the common sense of belonging to a collection

–   knowledge about ourselves  and also   learning skilfulness from others

– creating   a variety of ideas.

2.Provide three-(3) examples of   problems encountered and solutions used to overcome these obstacles.

(6 marks)*

Starting – The   most significant element of our presentation was actually getting started   especially all our group were immigrants. Our first step was to gather and   read as much information as possible about our subject. We got wrong   information and with searching and discussing we solved it.

Speaking –   Principle of presentation was for us extremely important so we talked with   each other about the necessary discipline of presentation such as: trying to   accomplish eye contact throughout our delivery; look up from our notes, to   look into the audience; speak a little bit louder.

Timing – the other problem of our group was   about presentation time, it looks like too short for large subject. Finally   we took apart the article and we tried with better time management, do more   of what we have to do.

3.How did you contribute to this   project?

(1 mark)*

I tried   to get enough information since information gathering is a very key part of   the feasibility analysis process.  
4.What are your personal attributes   that you bring to a “team”?  How do you   anticipate these attributes to affect your work as a MRT?

(2 marks)*

I tried   identifying my positive qualities, and encouraging who works better such as   saying: “the way you got round that problem was really creative.”

During   the this time work I experienced some style of MRT group work and I felt that   I have to conduct myself on the whole professional style and treat patients   with dignity and distribute the greatest patient care achievable. As a   general style of health care workers I will never treat patients any   differently in terms of race, faith, gender and physical or mental disability,   and never disclose any therapeutic or individual data to any entity without state   written agreement from the patient.

5.State two-(2) professional goals to   overcome the patient/client communication challenges identified in this   project.

(2 marks)*

Not   only our group project but also the other groups project helped for better communication.   About our project: when a MRT is talking with a person who is blind it is   important to identify yourself, introduce other coworkers, speak naturally   and use everyday language; I have to indicate when I am moving or doing some   procedures. On the other hand a MRT have to encourage other people to use communication   strategies that effectively include the person with vision impairment.


6.Complete the statement “If I could do   this project again, I would…”

(1 mark)

During   the presentation I had stress as well! I think I would to solve this problem.   Up to repetition of this project I need to be looking after myself with   exercising, and avoiding excessive stress. Communication with friends is   important at my stage. Relaxation techniques such as meditation, deep   breathing may help me.  




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