Glo gel is an effective device to reveal hand washing and containment techniques

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For hand washing training, I rubbed Glo gel onto my hands like lotion. When I illuminated ultra-violet light, the materials in Glo gel simulate germs and with touching another part of my body, I can saw how the germs travel from one part to another. When I washed my hands, the ultra-violet light tells a different story (decreasing germ). The discovery of the remaining germs, tells us about cleaning effectiveness.

Soap and hand wash both are successful in dropping GERMS, nonetheless hand wash often contains more significant ingredients to fight more stubborn bacteria. This factor and the physical action of scrubbing, eliminates dirt by friction, as well as destroying the germs in many cases.

I experienced a light contact allergic rash on my hand; the allergic reaction was located only in the area of contact with the Glo gel.


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